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Fellow Marines and Associates,

Here's to hoping this finds all are well and coping with the everyday hassles that the COVID-19 has imposed on us.

The meeting we had in July was a good one and we discussed a few upcoming events that needed addressed.  Unfortunately, the Wreaths Across American luncheon had to be postponed until August.  It will be held even if it means doing takeout and the bake sale and auction inside.  Such are the times we live in today.

Another topic was the Marine Corps Ball in November.  If things are still as they are, which I think they will be, we won’t be having a formal ball, so we will be making alternate plans just in case. The restrictions are too limiting to have an all out shindig like we are used to. There was a proposal to have an informal gathering at the Legion Pavilion. My thoughts are that since we didn’t have a picnic and probably not a ball, is that we combine the two. Being in November, it might be a little chilly, but I believe we can have a picnic/ball at the pavilion, you would just have to dress accordingly. Provisions will be made to make it as comfortable as possible, nothing fancy. More will be discussed at the August meeting, which will be held at the Legion pavilion also. I will make sure we have the restrooms open and that the lights will be on. We will keep it short and try to get things settled on the important issues we face.

The meeting will be the same time as usual, 1930 hours on August 27th, with the Officers Meeting on August 24th at 1800 hours. I was pleased with the turnout for the meeting with the circumstances being what they were. Please remember to check your emails and the Detachment website for the latest information on meetings. Also, make sure that your email address is up to date so you don’t miss any information. If you know someone who doesn’t use email or the internet, make sure to contact them and let them know what’s going on.

Semper Fi,

Jim Price

Marine Corps League Washington County Detachment 1138
P.O. Box 137
Washington, PA 15301-0137